A-Level Performance Studies

A-Level Performance Studies

By studying A-level Performance Studies, you will acquire a multidisciplinary approach to the performing arts and you will develop your imagination, sensitivity, artistic knowledge and understanding.

A-Level Performance Studies

A specific arrangement of units is required for certification, made up of two AS-Level units and two A2 level units. You will study four units and the assessment for A-Level Performance Studies is by performance and written exams.

Over the course, you will undergo at least 360 guided learning hours over a two-year period. These guided learning hours are levels set by the government on how much time the tutor at your sixth form or college has to be present to give guidance (such as lectures, tutorials etc.) towards your award.

AS-Level Performance Studies

  • OCR AS-Level Performance Studies

In Creating Performance, you will be involved in specialist workshops. You will also produce a short piece in an individual art form (such as dance); a longer piece that includes dance, drama and music for the community. In Performance Contexts 2, you will study two specified practitioners in detail.

A2-Level Performance Studies

The A2 Performance Studies is the equivalent of the second year of study of A-Level Performance Studies. This is not a separate award. The A2 –Level Performance Studies with the AS-Level Performance Studies makes up the A-Level Performance Studies.  The A2-Level Performance Studies will further develop your knowledge from AS-Level Performance Studies.

  • OCR A2-Level Performance Studies

In Performance Contexts 2, you will study in detail one of the following topics:

  1. Post-modern approaches to the Performing Arts since 1960
  2. Politics and Performance since 1914
  3. The Twentieth-Century American Musical
  4. Approaches to Performance in the Far East

For your Performance Project, you will produce two performances. The first is a response to a specified commission and a realisation of a work that you have studied in Performance Contexts 1 or 2.

A-Level Performance Studies Exam Board Information

Career Opportunities

Most people study A-Level Performance Studies as they wish to study Performance Studies /Performing Arts at University. A number of students will wish to apply to through drama or stage schools for practical training. This course also works well with other arts-based subjects as well as English Literature for students who are considering a teaching career.

Career opportunities may include amateur or professional acting, playwriting, directing, stage management or many other roles within the theatre, performing arts and even roles within the music industry, television or film.

Other Useful Information

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