A-Level Leisure Studies

A-Level Leisure Studies

By choosing to study A-Level Leisure Studies, you will develop a broad knowledge around the vocational area of Leisure Studies. This course will also give you the opportunity to experience the leisure industry by undergoing work experience, building links with local employers and researching case studies.

A-Level Leisure Studies

A specific arrangement of units is required for certification, made up of three AS-Level units and three A2 level units. You will study four units and the assessment for A-Level Leisure Studies is by exam and portfolio.

Over the course, you will undergo at least 360 guided learning hours over a two-year period. These guided learning hours are levels set by the government on how much time the tutor at your sixth form or college has to be present to give guidance (such as lectures, tutorials etc.) towards your award.

AS-Level Leisure Studies

  • AQA AS-Level Leisure Studies

In the first unit, The Leisure Industry Today, you will learn about the range, scale and importance of the industry in the both UK and Europe. You will also learn about current developments in the industry and the factors that influence access and participation in the leisure industry. In A People Business, you will learn about the importance of customers and product knowledge, successful customer service and communication. You will also learn about evaluating customer service and dealing with customers with different needs. In the third unit, Getting it Right in the Leisure Industry, you will learn about safe working practices, quality control and management systems, business systems and marketing.

A2-Level Leisure Studies

  • AQA A2 Leisure Studies

In Leisure in Action, you have the opportunity to carry out a leisure project. In Working in the People Business, you will explore the range of employment opportunities, motivational techniques, recruitment and selection and a variety of employment issues and procedures. In the Current Issues unit, you will examine and analyse a topic of your choice.

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Career Opportunities

Many people who study A-Level Leisure Studies will go on to study or train in one of the broad areas of leisure studies, such as Sports Management, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Event Management, Countryside Leisure Management, Leisure Economics, Recreation Studies, Retail Management and many others. A number of students will choose A-Level Leisure Studies as they are interested in managing or working within the leisure industry; such as in gyms, outdoor activity centres or the hospitality industry.

Other Useful Information

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