A-Level Italian

A-Level Italian

By choosing to study A-Level Italian, you will be able to communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in Italian for a variety of purposes. You will also develop an awareness of the cultural background, society and heritage of Italy and Italian-speaking countries. You may be required to have studied Italian previously, or at GCSE level before commencing study at A-Level.

A-Level Italian

A specific arrangement of units is required for certification, made up of two AS-Level units and two A2 level units. You will study four set units for the award of A-Level Italian. The assessment for A-Level Italian is by role-play, topic discussion and exam.

Over the course, you will undergo at least 360 guided learning hours over a two-year period. These guided learning hours are levels set by the government on how much time the tutor at your sixth form or college has to be present to give guidance (such as lectures, tutorials etc.) towards your award.

AS-Level Italian

  • Edexcel AS-Level Italian

Across the two units, Spoken Expression and Response in Italian and Understanding and Written Response in Italian, you will be able to converse in Italian as well as read and respond to writings in a number of topics. These include the world around us, lifestyle, youth culture and concerns, education and employment.

A2-Level Italian

The A2 Italian is the equivalent of the second year of study of A-Level Italian. This is not a separate award. The A2–Level Italian with the AS-Level Italian makes up the A-Level Italian.  A2-Level Italian will further develop your knowledge from AS-Level Italian.

  • Edexcel A2 Italian

In the Understanding and Spoken Response in Italian, you will be able to demonstrate your spoken and written skills with an issue of your own choice. In Research, Understanding and Written Response in Italian you will produce and essay as well as research a topic that relates to the Italian-culture. Topics that you will learn about include customs, traditions, beliefs and religions, events and literature and the arts.

A-Level Italian Exam Board Information

  • The Edexcel AS and A-Level Italian specification is available from their website.

Career Opportunities

Many students choose to A-Level Italian so that they can study Italian or subjects such as Classics or History at university.  A number of students may also choose to study other languages, such as Spanish. Career opportunities can include translation, linguistics or teaching, as well as having the opportunity to work and live in Italy or other Italian-speaking regions.

Other Useful Information

  • Past papers for Edexcel A-Levels are available here.
  • Further links to Italian resources are available from the vocab.co.uk website.
  • There is an Italian revision aid available here.