A-Level Further Maths

A-Level Further Maths

A-Level Further Mathematics is available to higher ability students expected to achieve a high grade on the A-Level Mathematics award. The Further Maths award builds on the skills and knowledge achieved in the A-Level Maths course.

It is possible to study Further Maths alongside A-Level Maths or as a stand-alone award. Some universities, including Cambridge, request that you study Further Maths if you wish to study a maths degree. Further Maths can also be beneficial if you are looking to study engineering, materials science, computer science or other maths-based subjects at university.

A-Level Further Maths

  • University of Cambridge International Examinations A-Level Further Maths

There is an assumption that you have prior knowledge of A-Level Maths on this award and this syllabus is available for private candidates. This award aims to develop your mathematical skills and knowledge and develop an understanding and appreciation of Maths.

There are two papers for this award, Paper 1 and Paper 2. For Paper 1, you should already have studied Pure (and/or) Further Maths units in your A-Level Maths. Content covered for Paper 1 includes:

  • polynomials and rational functions
  • polar coordinates
  • summation of series
  • mathematical induction
  • differentiation and integration
  • differential equations
  • complex numbers
  • vectors
  • matrices and linear spaces

For paper 2, you should already have covered Mechanics and Probability and Statistics. Paper 2 includes:

  • momentum and impulse
  • circular motion
  • equilibrium of a rigid body under coplanar forces
  • rotation of a rigid body
  • simple harmonic motion
  • further work on distributions
  • inference using normal and t-distributions
  • X2 –tests
  • bivariate data
  • AQA A-Level Further Maths

AQA offer students to opportunity to study additional combinations of A-level units to achieve an award in Further Maths. Two of the six units studied must be:

  • Further and Pure Mathematics: These are designed to your develop knowledge and skills around key subjects including complex numbers equations, coordinate systems, differential equations, series, Mclaurin and Taylor series and matrix algebra.

The remaining units can be:

  • Mechanics: These will develop knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects, including mathematical models, kinematics, dynamics, vectors and statics, as well as centres of mass and collisions.
  • Statistics: This develops your knowledge of probability, representation and summary of data, correlation, regression, distributions, sampling and hypotheses.
  • Decision Mathematics: This includes algorithms, critical path analysis, route inspection problems, dynamic programming, linear programming, matchings and flows in networks.

A-Level Further Maths Exam Board Information

  • University of Cambridge International Examinations offers A-Level Further Maths and the specification is available here.
  • AQA offer the chance for A-Level Maths students to select units for the award of Further Maths. The specification is available here.

Career Opportunities

As well as being important for those who are considering specific degree pathways or universities, A-Level Further Maths can also be helpful if you are considering teaching Maths.

Students who have an A-Level Further Maths are able to demonstrate to any future employers that they have excellent analytical skills as well as showing commitment to learning additional skills on top of the traditional A-Level Maths.

Other Useful Information

  • Past papers are available here for the University of Cambridge International Examinations A-Level Further Maths.
  • AQA past papers and other resources are available on their website.
  • The Further Mathematics Support Programme offers resources specifically for Further Maths students.