A-Level Environmental Studies

A-Level Environmental Studies (and AS-Level Environmental Management)



By studying A-Level Environmental Studies, you will learn about environmental issues and the management of these issues, with an emphasis on human management. You will learn about the scientific principles that underpin environmental management and you will gain knowledge of a variety of environmental resources and sustainable environmental management.



A-Level Environmental Studies


A specific arrangement of units is required for certification, made up of two AS-Level units and two A2 level units. Over the course, you will undergo at least 360 guided learning hours over a two-year period. These guided learning hours are levels set by the government on how much time the tutor at your sixth form or college has to be present to give guidance (such as lectures, tutorials etc.) towards your award. Assessment will be by exam and coursework.



AS-Level Environmental Studies and AS-Level Environmental Management


  • AQA AS-Level Environmental Studies


In the first unit, The Living Environment, you will learn about biodiversity and the importance of conservation. In the second unit, The Physical Environment, you will explore why physical resources, such as water, gases and minerals are critical for life and how humans exploit these resources.


  • University of Cambridge International Examinations  AS-Level Environmental Management


You will study a variety of topics, including the structure of the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. You will also learn about biospheres. You will develop an awareness of local and global environmental issues, as well as how governments and societies use, misuse and manage resources. Issues covered include global warming, pollution, National Parks, urban design and sustainable developments. As well as exam assessment, you will also produce a report that can be around a local, regional or global environmental issue.



A2-Level Environmental Studies


The A2 Environmental Studies is the equivalent of the second year of study of A-Level Environmental Studies. This is not a separate award. The A2 –Level Environmental Studies with the AS-Level Environmental Studies makes up the A-Level Environmental Studies.  A2-Level Environmental Studies will further develop your knowledge from AS-Level Environmental Studies.


  • AQA A2 Environmental Studies


In the first unit, Energy Resources and Environmental Pollution you will learn about future energy supply problems and possible resolutions. You will also study pollution and pollution-damage. In the second unit, Biological Resources and Sustainability, you will examine the sustainability of lifestyles, with a focus on food production and forestry.


A-Level Environmental Studies and AS-Level Environmental Management Exam Board Information





Career Opportunities


Most people study A-Level Environmental Studies so that they can study Environmental Science and Management, or other subjects such as Geography, Geology, as well as the sciences at university. Whatever your choice of career or further study, A-Level Environmental Management shows that you not only understand local and global environmental issues, but you are also aware of ways to manage these.



Other Useful Information


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